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It is clear that non-life insurance is not taking off in Africa: Africa represents about 17% of the world’s population (increasing), for 3% of the world’s GDP (underestimated by the calculation method and increasing) and only 1% of non-life insurance premiums (stable). Penetration rates are the lowest in the world and past growth in premiums collected is more proportional to economic growth than to an increase in penetration rates.

Yet, insurance development is both a marker and a driver of a country’s economic and human development. Moreover, insurance companies represent an important source of financing for economies, as they invest a large part of the premiums collected from policyholders in the capital or real estate markets, in order to guarantee their solvency and their ability to cover claims, whatever they may be. Non-life insurance companies are also among the fundamental institutional investors in ecosystems, although they account for a smaller share than life insurers or pension funds, banks or development finance institutions.


Why insurance is not fulfilling the economic, financial and societal roles that it is being asked to play and for which it has already invested heavily? What is the reason for this failure?

Picto addactis The Myths of the Thief-Insurer and the Stolen-Insured

How to mobilize the energies and important potentials of the African insurance industry to move the different insurance markets forward in full confidence?

 Reasons to believe in short-term Development

Climate change, cyber-risk and pandemics: three new risks to be covered by African insurers.

 What concrete actions can an insurance company in Africa take to reach profitable and sustainable growth?

  • A sustained communication policy around the fundamentals of insurance
  • Investment in the people
  • Investments in effective tools and methods

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