Cyber Risk: Stochastic modelling of personal records losses and modelling the spread of ransomware

2021 Annual Autumn Convention of the German Actuarial Associations DAV and DGVFM
November 16th, 2021


Cyber risk is becoming a major risk since GDPR application and the strong increase of frequency of severity of attacks since 2020 and the covid crisis.
This presentation is aimed to support insurers knowledge and modelling of the Cyber risk over two modelling approaches.

What you will find in this presentation:

  Introduction to Cyber Risk

  Cyber Insurance: overview and actuarial challenges

  Stochastic modelling of data breaches application #1 on non proportional pricing

  Modelling the spread of ransomware application #2 on dependency measure

  Application #3 on OSN ( Overall Solvency Need) and ajustement of S2 SF

 Application #4 CAT modelling based on wannacry

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A Presentation given at the DAV & DGVFM Conference by the addactis Experts:



Senior Consultant


Geoffrey BARD


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