Territorial Rating  

Territorial Ratemaking: A comprehensive guide for the implementation of new strategies

Are you struggling to translate your insurance company's goals into effective territorial ratemaking decisions? Do you account for practical tools to explain and justify your rating decisions

Insurance professionals and actuaries like you are face a dynamic landscape: evolving regulations, fierce competition, and the need to personalize offerings.

It's time to move beyond traditional pricing methods and build smarter analytical solutions.

Our comprehensive resource explores the intricacies of advanced methodologies as well as the links between risk mutualization and ratemaking. This will empower you to develop fairer and more transparent rating strategies.

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A Deep Dive into Credibility-Weighted Smoothing and Risk Mutualization

Creating and implementing new rating territories is a multifaceted process that demands collaboration among pricing actuaries, underwriters, and decision-makers. 

This presentation delves into the complexities of this process and present advanced methodologies for developing tailored geographical segmentations. He will explore the application of credibility theory as a bridge between parameters and concepts such as risk mutualization.

Here's what you'll discover:

  • Interpreting the Complex: Understand the nuances of creating and implementing new rating territories, navigating the challenges of balancing diverse stakeholder perspectives.
  • Bridging the Gap: Learn how credibility theory acts as a bridge between mathematical parameters and key concepts like risk mutualization, offering a clear and interpretable lens.
  • Practical Tools & Insights: Dive into valuable tools like credibility parameters, lift, Gini, and consistency measures, gaining the arsenal to explain and justify your decisions both internally and externally.
  • Enhanced Capabilities: Upon completion, you'll be adept at understanding credibility-weighted smoothing, connecting parameter outcomes to risk mutualization, and wielding a wider range of actuarial tools for informed territorial ratemaking.

Do not miss the opportunity to:

Elevate your expertise

Gain a deeper understanding of advanced territorial ratemaking methodologies.

Boost transparency and fairness

Make data-driven decisions that ensure fairness for all policyholders.

Improve communication

Explain your rating strategies with clarity and confidence, both within your organization and externally

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A content written by:


Juan Ignacio de OYARBIDE

Actuary, Business Development Representative at Addactis

Juan Ignacio de Oyarbide is a certified actuary affiliated with the Portuguese Institute of Actuaries (IAP), holding an Actuarial Science MSc with specialization in Bayesian modeling. Currently, he leads the ratemaking software practice at Addactis Worldwide. Over the past 5 years, he has played a pivotal role in various software implementations, addressing diverse aspects such as data transformation, risk and behavioral modeling, profit optimization, and rating strategy deployment. Presently, he is actively promoting a comprehensive profitability management mindset within insurance companies. He has recently participated in global conferences and contributed to recognized actuarial magazines.

Our expert, Juan de Oyarbide, delivered this exclusive presentation on Credibility-Weighted Territorial Rating during the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) RPM Seminar in New Orleans. This seminar was designed for actuaries and insurance professionals.

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